Frequently Asked Questions

We are new to swingers parties and a bit nervous, what can we expect?

You come to the party and socialise with great people, you can watch and see what goes on.  There is no obligation to participate in anything.  As it is an adult party, you can expect adult movies to be playing in the lounge room, guests dressed seductively and great people.

How far do I have to go?

You only participate at the level you are in.  There is no pressure and if you are not ready to go further, all you need to say is "no".  All guests respect each other.  If you are ready to particpate, then great!

Can I choose a partner?

We cater for couples and ladies only.  Each guest is free to choose who they want to play or if they want to stay with their partner.  It is entirely up to you and what you are comfortable with and no always means no.  If you'd like to join please ask or wait to be invited.

Is there any dress requirements?

You can wear casual clothing to the venue but once you arrive, you dress down to something more seductive.  Lingerie for ladies, boxer shorts or G strings for men.  As much or as little as you feel comfortable with.



The People

  • Couples and Ladies
  • Ages 20 to late 40's
  • Fun, no pressure
  • Friendly & caring

The Venue

  • Private Venue
  • Three play areas
  • Change Room
  • Smokers area

The Mood

  • Fun, friendly
  • Classy
  • Comfortable
  • Discrete





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