About Mystique Swingers Parties

Mystique Swingers Parties has been designed to be fun and a great night out as well as having all the added excitement and passion that can only come from the swinging scene.  The parties cater to your needs and the nights have been based on all the good things my partner and I have come to enjoy at parties we have attended over the years.

Mystique's is located in the North West suburbs of Melbourne and the parties are exclusively for couples and ladies with an age range from mid 20's to late 40's. Looking forward to meeting you not just for the first time but as you are introduced to the wonderful world of Mystique Swingers Parties, hope to see you again and again.

Mystique's is a private adult party and bookings are essential. If for some reason you can’t attend after booking, please call or SMS to let me know.

The cost is $50 per couple or $20 for single ladies.

The venue is a private residence set up specifically for our parties and includes a relaxing lounge, fun dance area, large comfortable smoking area, discreet change room area and 3 seductive playrooms.

The parties start at 9.30pm and finish very late!

When you attend you’ll be expected to dress down, lingerie for ladies and either boxers, jockey shorts or G string for guys.  Dress to impress!  This is the place where you can be sexy and flirt as much as you want, in a safe and fun environment.

A variety of sweet and savoury snacks are provided, also tea and coffee but please remember to BYO drinks. There’s a facility available to lock away valuables however it’s a good idea to bring just the bare essentials. Condoms lube and towels are also provided.

It is a fun, friendly and safe party atmosphere where you can relax, have a laugh and enjoy the company of like minded people. There is no pressure, so you only participate at a level you are comfortable with.

On occasion we will be hosting special events or themed parties to add to the spice of the night.  Details of these special parties will be available well ahead of time.

Whether you are a long term swinger, new to the scene or would just like to explore something different Mystiques is what you’re looking for. So come along and have some fun.



The People

  • Couples and Ladies
  • Ages 20 to late 40's
  • Fun, no pressure
  • Friendly & caring

The Venue

  • Private Venue
  • Three play areas
  • Change Room
  • Smokers area

The Mood

  • Fun, friendly
  • Classy
  • Comfortable
  • Discrete





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